15 Unusual Forests that Seem to Come From Another Planet

 Forests cover approximately 9.4% of the Earth's surface . Unfortunately, this figure only decreases from year to year since forests once covered more than 50% of the globe. Most people think that a forest is just trees, but the forest ecosystem includes much more than that like smaller plants, fungi, bacteria, insects, animals, etc. Currently, a large majority of people on Earth are still able to enjoy the tranquility of an old forest. However, some people have never had the chance to enter one of them. In fact, 10 countries account for 80% of the forest area, including Indonesia, Mexico, Papua New Guinea and Brazil.

When you enter a forest, pleasant fresh air is felt. You then remember the life around you. There are forests in the world that are visited for a completely different reason: their trees. Here are 15 forests that you absolutely must visit for their strange side!

The Crooked Forest in Poland

These twisted trees near Gryfino, Poland were planted in the 1930s, but that's about all we know about them. One theory about them is that they were manipulated so that they grew this way for shipbuilding purposes.

Baobab avenue in Madagascar

In the Menabe region of Madagascar, these baobab trees that line this dirt road are one of the most popular attractions. These enormous 800-year-old trees can store up to 120 m3 of water, hence their wide trunk.

The submerged forest of Lake Kaindy in Kazakhstan

Lake Kaindy is a lake located in the Kazakh part of the Tian Mountains. It was formed following an earthquake in 1911 which triggered a large landslide blocking the gorge and forming a natural dam. The lake is famous for its picturesque beauty, and in particular for its submerged forest and the towering trunks of spruce trees that rise out of the lake water, piercing the water's surface.

The dragon trees of Socotra Island in Yemen

Socotra is an island in Yemen located in the Arabian Sea. The island's long geological isolation, combined with intense heat and drought, has created a spectacular endemic flora. There are notably cucumber trees and dragon trees (or “dragon’s blood tree”). Botanists rank the flora of Socotra among the ten most endangered island floras in the world.

The Rainbow Eucalyptus Forest in Maui (Hawaii)

One of the most fascinating trees known to man, the Rainbow Eucalyptus is found throughout the Northern Hemisphere. Unlike any other tree in the world, the bark of the Rainbow Eucalyptus undergoes a host of color changes as it ages: initially pale green, it begins to darken before becoming turn blue, purple then orange and finally brown.

Crooked Bush in the province of Saskatchewan in Canada

These trees located in Canada seem to have played the game Twister: they are all twisted or turned in all directions. This place is considered a “botanical mystery”, constituting a true natural treasure.

A valley of apricot trees in China

Every year, these hills in Xinjiang province explode into a sea of ​​pink and white. The region's largest apricot plantations are in bloom at the start of the fruiting season. It was during this period that they transformed the landscape into something sublime.

A Jaboticaba forest in Brazil

At first glance, these trees appear to be sick... But they are actually deliciously fruity trees. Jaboticaba (or Guapuru) is a species of small fruit trees native to the Minas Gerais region in southeastern Brazil. The fleshy purple and white fruit is harvested and eaten raw. The fresh fruit begins to ferment 3 or 4 days after picking, so it is often used to prepare jams, pies, juices, strong wines, and liqueurs.

The Dancing Forest in Kaliningrad, Russia

This forest of strange trees is found on the Curonian Spit in the Baltic Sea. There is no known reason as to why they grow this way, but the most widely accepted theory is that the harsh winds that sweep across the land have shaped them this way over time.

Forest of Wollemi National Park in New South Wales, Australia

This forest isn't as bizarre as the ones we've seen here before, but it's the only Wollemi tree forest in the world, which was thought to have been extinct for over 30 million years.

The dead forest of Deadvlei in Namibia

This “forest” is incredible, it’s every nature photographer’s dream. Between the bright orange dunes, and the burnt black trees, the place looks like a painting. These Deadvlei 'giraffe acacia' sprouted after an intense rain about 900 years ago, then the water evaporated, leaving the trees to die. This dry climate prevents the trees from decomposing, meaning they are not actually petrified. The trunks of dead trees are now black in color because the intense sun has burned them.

An Araucaria forest or “monkey despair” in Chile

Have you ever seen such trees? It's a bit like crossing a palm tree with a pineapple... It is cultivated for its wood and its edible seeds. In recent years, the global population of these trees has declined, and is now considered endangered as of 2013.

The great banyan tree of Howrah, India

Perhaps one of the most spectacular forests in the world, all of this forest's 3,300 "trees" are actually the aerial roots of this single 250-year-old Bengal fig tree. Even crazier, the main trunk of the massive tree was removed in 1925, following a lightning strike, but the remains of the tree still live and continue to grow, today representing an area of 1.5 hectares.

The forest of Hang Son Doong cave in Vietnam

On the border between Laos and Vietnam, what makes this forest so special is that it is entirely underground, inside the largest known cave in the world. To access it, you must rappel down the huge opening of the cave, which had been kept completely intact by man until 2009.

Aokigahara forest in Japan

This “Sea of ​​Trees” (35 km²) in Japan is unusually calm, as no wildlife lives there. And that's the least scary part about him. It is the most popular place in the entire country to commit suicide. Every year (since the 1950s) between 50 and 150 suicides occur in the Aokigahara forest, littered with bodies, only some of which are found and evacuated.

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