The 15 Largest Stadiums in the World

 Many countries now have at least one stadium per city. However, if at one time these stadiums served above all as an arena where teams expressed their sporting potential, now it is above all a question of excess, grandeur and above all majesty.

We offer you a brief summary of the 15 largest stadiums in the world!

1. May Day Stadium

Built in Pyongyang , the capital of North Korea, the May Day stadium mainly serves as a parade ground for the army of this Asian country. With a capacity of 150,000 effective seats, this stadium wins the prize of the largest in the world.

2. Salt Lake Stadium

The Salt Lake Stadium is purely intended to host football matches in the city where it is located, Calcutta in the state of West Bengal, India. Capable of accommodating up to 120,000 spectators, this stadium is the second largest in the world.

3. Michigan Stadium

Located in the state of Michigan in the United States, as its name suggests, the Michigan Stadium is intended for purely sporting use. It hosts the American football meetings of the city of Ann Arbor .

It is a legendary stadium which has marked American sporting history. This stadium accommodates up to 109,901 seats.

4. Beaver Stadium

Another American stadium, Beaver Stadium is also the home of the local American football team. Located in the city of University Park , Beaver Stadium is capable of seating up to 107,282 spectators.

5. Azteca Stadium

Built in the Mexican capital, Mexico City , Azteca Stadium is used by one of Mexico City's football clubs as their main stadium. It is capable of simultaneously accommodating 105,064 spectators.

6. Neyland Stadium

The city of Knoxville in Tennessee in the United States is known for being the home of one of the most fierce and successful American football teams in the USA.

Its stadium lives up to the reputation of this team. It welcomes some 102,459 spectators to each meeting. It is the sixth largest stadium in the world.

7. Ohio Stadium

Another stadium hosting American football matches, Ohio Stadium is the arena for the local Columbus team . By its capacity (102,329) it is the seventh largest in the world.

8. Bryant-Denny Stadium

Located in the American city of Tuscalussa , Bryant-Denny Stadium also hosts American football matches for the local team. It has a capacity of 101,821 seats.

9. Bukit Jalil National Stadium

The Bukit Jalil National Stadium is the largest in Malaysia and Southeast Asia. Located in Kuala Lumpur , it hosts the football matches of the Malaysian national team, as well as those of the team from the eponymous city. Its capacity is 100,200 places.

10. Texas Memorial Stadium

Mecca of American football worship, Texas Memorial Stadium is located in the Texan city of Austin . With a capacity of 100,119 seats, it is the home stadium for the Austin NFL team.

Its recent renovation to the tune of 175 million US dollars has given it some color.

11. Melbourne Cricket Ground

If France has Rugby as its favorite sport, the United States has American football, Australia for its part idolizes cricket. In Melbourne , the Melbourne Cricket Ground hosts matches for local cricket and Australian rules football teams. It has 100,000 seats.

12. Camp Nou

It's difficult to talk about the 15 largest stadiums in the world without mentioning the den of European football, the Camp Nou. Located in Barcelona , ​​this iconic stadium is owned by the Spanish club Barcelona FC. Mythical and the origin of a thousand and one legends, Barça is king there and has experienced few sad sporting outcomes.

The Camp Nou is, in addition to the sporting aspect, a behemoth capable of accommodating up to 99,354 people seated. It is the twelfth largest stadium on the planet.

13. FNB Stadium

Africa is in the spotlight, thanks to the FNB stadium in Johannesburg . It is more or less the largest stadium on the African continent, which attracts a whopping 94,700 spectators for each football match of the local team.

Renovation work is planned there in a few months to increase this capacity. It is therefore not excluded that the FNB Stadium will gain a few places in this ranking.

14. Memorial Coliseum

California's Memorial Coliseum is the seventh largest stadium in the United States, and the fourteenth largest in the world. This multifunctional stadium hosts football, American football and even baseball matches, while also serving as a parade area for local or national festivals.

It has a capacity of 93,607 seats and is located in the heart of Los Angeles , the City of Angels.

15. Eden Gardens

India is, like Australia, one of the few nations in the world where cricket is played. The city of Calcutta even has a stadium dedicated solely to this sport, the Eden Gardens. This welcomes some 93,000 people to each meeting of the local or national team.

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